Ancient World History

Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum at Horizon Online School


Explore the rich tapestry of ancient civilizations with Horizon Online School’s Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum. Tailored for 6th-grade students, this comprehensive course delves into the history of ancient civilizations, geography, early economies, forms of government, and more. The curriculum aims to provide students with a profound understanding of how the contributions of ancient peoples have shaped the modern world.

Discover the importance of studying ancient world history, gain insights into effective teaching strategies, and explore the reasons to choose Horizon Online School’s 6th-grade Ancient World History Curriculum.

Why Do We Study Ancient World History?

The study of ancient world history holds significance as it enables students to connect with people from ancient civilizations, understand their impact on the modern world, and learn from historical mistakes. It offers insights into traditional beliefs, the development of human societies, physical and human geography, the evolution of civilizations, early economies, diverse cultures, and the influence of different religions.

How to Teach Ancient World History

Teaching ancient world history to 6th-grade students can be an engaging and rewarding experience. Effective strategies include:

  1. Follow the sequence of the homeschool curriculum to build knowledge chronologically.
  2. Encourage comparisons between different cultures and civilizations.
  3. Incorporate hands-on activities for experiential learning.
  4. Take time for in-depth exploration of longer time periods.
  5. Foster engagement through discussions and questions.
  6. Use diverse resources and mediums to enhance learning.
  7. Organize field trips for a more immersive learning experience.
  8. Measure progress through tests or assessments.

Why Choose Horizon Online School’s Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum

Horizon Online School’s curriculum stands out with its immersive activities, user-friendly structure, and a focus on developing reading, writing, and historical inquiry skills. Whether used as a core homeschool curriculum or a supplement, here are the reasons to choose Horizon Online School:

Full Curriculum Features

  • Yearlong course aligned with state standards covering topics like Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Early Civilization of India, and more.
  • Comprehensive exploration of geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of early civilizations.
  • Engaging lessons with maps, charts, graphs, photographs, and videos.
  • Content-specific vocabulary to enhance literacy skills.
  • Interactive projects, reading assignments, and writing tasks for reinforcement.
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping for efficient progress tracking.
  • Activity planners and curriculum calculators to aid organization.

Supplemental Learning Benefits

  • 24/7 access for flexible after-school or weekend study sessions.
  • Engaging stories and enriching lessons for increased knowledge.
  • Warm-up activities to activate prior knowledge.
  • Interactive reading assignments with highlighting and note-taking features.
  • Self-paced format for personalized learning.
  • Video lessons with closed-captioning for accessibility.
  • Option to repeat lessons and retake tests and quizzes.

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Choose Horizon Online School for an immersive and comprehensive 6th-grade Ancient World History Curriculum, providing your student with a deeper understanding of our historical roots.

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024