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Middle School U.S. History Curriculum at Horizon Online School


Embark on a captivating journey through the annals of American history with Horizon Online School’s Middle School U.S. History Curriculum. Tailored for middle schoolers, this curriculum covers crucial events, geographical aspects, and key turning points pivotal to the development of the United States of America. From researching and analyzing historical eras to understanding political changes and exploring cultural diversity, students will gain comprehensive insights. Discover effective teaching strategies, objectives for middle schoolers, and the reasons why Horizon Online School’s U.S. History Homeschool Curriculum is the optimal choice.

How to Teach U.S. History?

Teaching U.S. history to middle schoolers is an exciting opportunity to instill a deep understanding of the nation’s evolution. To make the curriculum engaging and foster a love for learning, consider the following strategies:

  1. Storytelling: Set the stage with captivating stories, visual aids, or props.
  2. Activate Prior Knowledge: Begin lessons with questions to engage prior knowledge.
  3. Multimedia Integration: Use technology and multimedia to enhance lesson experiences.
  4. Critical Thinking Discussions: Encourage open discussions and questions to develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Conceptual Understanding: Focus on true understanding of events rather than rote memorization.
  6. Multisensory Resources: Use maps, videos, charts, and other resources for a comprehensive learning experience.
  7. Literacy Building: Incorporate writing assignments and reading comprehension exercises.
  8. Field Trips: Enhance learning with field trips to living history museums, national parks, and historic sites.
  9. Assessment: Measure progress with quizzes, tests, or other assessment methods.

U.S. History Objectives for Middle Schoolers

Horizon Online School’s U.S. History Curriculum for middle school aims to achieve several objectives. By the end of eighth grade, students should be able to:

  1. Foundations of Democracy: Explain the foundations of democratic rule in the American colonies.
  2. Bill of Rights: Identify the freedoms provided to all citizens in the Bill of Rights.
  3. Abolitionist Movement: Examine the rise of the abolitionist movement.
  4. Immigrant Challenges: Describe the cultural and economic challenges facing new immigrants.
  5. 1920s Economic Changes: Explain the economic changes that took place in the 1920s.
  6. Soviet Union Breakup: Describe the events that resulted in the breakup of the Soviet Union.
  7. 9/11 and U.S. Response: Describe the events of 9/11 and the U.S. response to those events.

Why Choose Horizon Online School’s U.S. History Homeschool Curriculum

Choose Horizon Online School for the following reasons:

  1. Thorough Understanding: Our curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. history, covering events, people, and foundational concepts.
  2. Interactive Lessons: Engaging activities and interactive lessons led by experienced teachers ensure an immersive learning experience.
  3. Geographical Insights: Delve into the nation’s geography, democracy, and more to develop a holistic perspective.
  4. Tailored Design: The curriculum is designed to help students learn and master fundamental concepts at their own pace.

Explore more about our online eighth-grade curriculum, where history comes alive, and students are empowered to become knowledgeable and critical thinkers.

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024