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Unlock the Joy of Homeschooling with Horizon School Online

Embarking on the homeschooling journey with Horizon School Online is a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re starting with a kindergartener or guiding a high school student, our award-winning curriculum and supportive resources cater to every age and grade level. Say goodbye to overwhelming feelings; you’re not alone!

Comprehensive Homeschooling Guides:

Ease into homeschooling with our comprehensive guides tailored for each grade level. These guides cover common learning objectives, scheduling advice, and detailed subject information. Explore our grade-specific guides to discover a wealth of valuable resources:

  • How to Homeschool Kindergarten
  • How to Homeschool 1st Grade
  • How to Homeschool 2nd Grade
  • How to Homeschool 3rd Grade
  • How to Homeschool 4th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 5th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 6th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 7th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 8th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 9th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 10th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 11th Grade
  • How to Homeschool 12th Grade

Homeschooling by Age:

Wondering when to start homeschooling? The answer is anytime! Our age-specific how-to guides offer insights into the expectations, characteristics, and learning objectives for children at different ages. Choose your child’s age to get started:

  • How to Homeschool a 4 Year Old.
  • How to Homeschool a 5 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 6 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 7 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool an 8 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 9 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 10 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool an 11 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 12 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 13 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 14 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 15 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 16 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool a 17 Year Old
  • How to Homeschool an 18 Year Old

Homeschooling With Horizon School Online:

Horizon School Online is your partner in homeschooling success. Enjoy a multitude of benefits and features that make learning engaging, flexible, and tailored to your child’s needs:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: PreK-12th grade curriculum aligned with state standards.
  • Automated Grading: Save time with automated grading and recordkeeping.
  • 24/7 Access: Log in anywhere, anytime for flexible learning.
  • Student-Paced Approach: Let your child learn at their own pace, mastering concepts thoroughly.
  • Flexible Program: Use as a core curriculum, for after-school skill-building, or summer learning.
  • Redo Lessons: Reinforce learning by redoing lessons and retaking tests.
  • Grade-Level Flexibility: Access levels above and below for customized learning.
  • No Contracts: Monthly billing with the freedom to start, stop, or pause anytime.
  • Multimedia Format: Engaging format suitable for various learning styles, gifted children, and special needs.
  • Support Team: Friendly support is available via phone, email, and chat to answer all your questions.



The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024