Online Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Embarking on the kindergarten homeschooling journey is a thrilling time for children and their families. Typically aged around four or five years old, kindergarten often marks the commencement of a homeschooling adventure, setting the stage for future learning. “Horizon School Online’s” kindergarten homeschool curriculum is designed to empower children to achieve their learning objectives for the year, supported by comprehensive lesson plans to keep your family organized and on track throughout the homeschooling experience.

What Do Kindergarteners Learn?

In kindergarten, students embark on the development of fundamental skills that leave a lasting impact well into adulthood. While not mandatory in every state, studies underscore the myriad benefits of receiving a kindergarten education. Here are some of the skills and concepts students will acquire:

  • Academic skills such as reading, writing, and counting
  • Behavioral, social, and cognitive skills
  • Sitting and paying attention, focusing on tasks, and working collaboratively
  • Mastering letters, sounds, and basic words
  • Fundamental math skills including counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, basic addition and subtraction, and identifying shapes

Explore how “Horizon School Online” can support your student’s academic goals through our kindergarten lesson plans.

What to Look for in a Kindergarten Curriculum

When learning how to homeschool kindergarten, it’s crucial to consider the following aspects in selecting the right curriculum:

  • Is the curriculum engaging and fun for young learners?
  • Is the material presented clearly with real-world examples?
  • Does it offer reporting tools for easy progress tracking?
  • Are there ample opportunities for skill reinforcement?
  • Do the activities promote problem-solving skills?

Included in Horizon School Online’s Kindergarten Lesson Plans

As a member of “Horizon School Online,” you gain access to comprehensive kindergarten lesson plans, offering insights into your child’s lessons. While traditional lesson plans are often used by educators to teach material, “Horizon School Online’s” lesson plans for kindergarten serve as a resource to keep parents informed, as the online curriculum already covers the material.

The lesson plans include:

  • Name of each lesson and activity
  • Description and objective
  • Activity type (scored, non-scored, printable worksheets, test)
  • Activity number
  • Number of chapters, activities, worksheets, quizzes within each subject
  • Answer keys for printable worksheets

Math Curriculum and Lesson Plans

“Horizon School Online’s” kindergarten math curriculum features over 200 learning activities in various themes. Animated characters guide and motivate students as they learn:

  • Counting and recognizing numbers and patterns
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Identifying differences between 2D and 3D shapes

Language Arts Curriculum and Lesson Plans

With over 350 activities across 24 chapters, “Horizon School Online’s” kindergarten language arts curriculum aids your child in:

  • Recognizing letters and their sounds
  • Reading sight words
  • Developing a basic vocabulary
  • Advancing spelling skills

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

“Horizon School Online’s” kindergarten science homeschool curriculum delves into different branches of science through interactive activities, fun songs, and hands-on projects. Students explore scientific concepts like:

  • Qualitative and quantitative observations
  • Differences between living and nonliving things
  • Various types of animals and their characteristics
  • Earth’s materials and how living things utilize them

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024