High School Pre-Calculus Curriculum at Horizon Online School


Explore the dynamic High School Pre-Calculus curriculum at Horizon Online School, an ideal choice for students aiming for selective four-year colleges or pursuing math or science-related fields. Our online pre-calculus course is thoughtfully designed with multimedia lessons, instructional videos, quizzes, tests, and projects to prepare students for college-level math.

Discover the key topics covered in the pre-calculus course, understand the learning objectives, and learn why Time4Learning’s curriculum stands out. Whether used as a core curriculum or a pre-calculus summer course, Horizon Online School offers a comprehensive learning experience.

What Do You Learn in Pre-Calculus?

High School Pre-Calculus is a year-long course that serves as a bridge to advanced studies, expanding on concepts from previous math courses. Following Algebra II, pre-calculus builds understanding of functions, delves into trigonometric functions, and establishes connections between geometry and algebra.

Horizon Online School’s Pre-Calculus course comprises 10 chapters:

  1. Functions and Modeling
  2. Trigonometry
  3. Analytic Trigonometry
  4. Complex Numbers and Polar Coordinates
  5. Vectors
  6. Matrices
  7. Systems and Matrices
  8. Analytic Geometry
  9. Sequences and Series
  10. Limits

Learning Objectives for Pre-Calculus

The pre-calculus curriculum aims to develop critical thinking, mathematical analysis, and problem-solving skills. Students will:

  1. Make connections between numeric, graphical, and algebraic representations.
  2. Apply mathematical modeling to solve real-world problems.
  3. Utilize various techniques to solve equations, inequalities, and systems.

Why Choose Horizon Online School’s High School Pre-Calculus Curriculum?

Horizon Online School’s Pre-Calculus curriculum offers a technology-enhanced learning experience supported by research. Reasons to choose our curriculum include:

Full Curriculum Features

  • Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills with real-life math examples.
  • Motivating, media-rich content to keep students engaged.
  • Multiple formats, including instructional videos, animated models, graphs, and text.
  • Challenging content, relevant activities, assessments, and real-time feedback.
  • Customizable assignment calendar for tracking coursework.
  • Progress tracking, printable reports, suitable for transcripts and portfolios.

Supplemental Learning Benefits

  • Powerful interactive instruction for building content knowledge and essential skills.
  • On-screen teachers catering to visual learners by presenting objectives, explaining concepts, and modeling math strategies.
  • Step-by-step methods for problem-solving.
  • Flexible use as a supplement or pre-calculus summer course.
  • Detailed reporting tools for monitoring student engagement, progress, and achievement.

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Join Horizon Online School to provide your 12th-grade student with a robust and engaging Pre-Calculus learning experience.

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024