High School Geometry Curriculum at Horizon Online School


Discover the engaging High School Geometry curriculum at Horizon Online School, designed for 10th-grade students. Our comprehensive course covers essential geometric concepts, including points, lines, planes, logic, reasoning, angles, triangles, polygons, circles, volume, and area. Explore the critical areas of congruence, proof, constructions, trigonometry, and three-dimensional figures. Learn more about our homeschool Geometry curriculum and the benefits of choosing Horizon Online School.

How to Teach Geometry

Teaching high school geometry requires effective strategies. Here are tips for parents:

  1. Multimedia Enrichment:
    • Utilize graphics, charts, diagrams, and animations to enhance learning.
    • Incorporate multimedia devices, videos, and printed materials for varied content.
  2. Real-life Relevance:
    • Integrate real-life topics to make geometry more relevant and interesting.
  3. Assessment Tools:
    • Provide rubrics, checklists, and grading tools for efficient assessment of assignments.
  4. Clear Instruction:
    • Ensure thorough instruction to enhance student understanding of assignments.
  5. Interactive Tools:
    • Use educational tools that make geometry entertaining and engaging.
  6. Progress Measurement:
    • Measure progress with quizzes, tests, or other assessment methods after each lesson.

Learning Objectives for Geometry

The Horizon Online School Geometry curriculum aims for students to achieve various objectives by the end of 10th grade:

  1. Apply the protractor postulate and angle addition postulate.
  2. Construct parallel and perpendicular lines.
  3. Determine unknown measures of congruent figures.
  4. Solve real-world problems involving special right triangles.
  5. Apply properties of parallelograms to problem-solving.
  6. Determine the radian measure of a central angle.
  7. Calculate probabilities using the addition rule.

Why Choose Horizon Online School Geometry Curriculum

Horizon Online School’s Geometry curriculum offers a flexible and effective learning experience. Choose our curriculum for these reasons:

Full Curriculum Features

  • On-screen teachers in real-world settings for engaging instruction.
  • Over 400 activities with interactive tools for immediate feedback.
  • Automated grading and tracking system for progress reports.
  • Rich graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and simulations for visualization.
  • Performance tasks for real-world application of understanding.
  • Meets national standards for 10th graders.
  • Certified autism resource by IBCCES for special needs support.

Supplemental Learning Benefits

  • Guiding lesson questions for inquiry and focus on big ideas.
  • Student Note-taking Guide for lesson adherence and test preparation.
  • Access to a graphing calculator and Geometry Handbook.
  • Safe, secure, and ad-free online learning environment available 24/7.
  • Diverse group of experienced teachers for rigorous instruction and skill modeling.

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Join Horizon Online School to provide your 10th-grade student with an interactive and effective Geometry learning experience.

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024