Preschool Reading Activities & Curriculum Standards

Preschool-age children are excited to learn, and it’s an ideal time to establish a strong foundation for literacy skills. Curiosity is at its peak, making interactive lessons, learning games, and hands-on activities essential components of a successful preschool reading program. “Horizon School Online” recognizes the importance of blending these elements with solid assessment methods and positive reinforcement. Guided reading, tailored to the preschool level, remains a focal point in shaping young learners’ reading abilities.

Preschool Language Arts Strands

Preschool language arts lessons at “Horizon School Online” encompass various English language arts strands, including vocabulary development, reading comprehension, literature, writing strategies, writing applications, English language conventions, and listening and speaking. Despite the early stage, introducing these concepts plays a crucial role in nurturing a strong foundation for preschoolers in their reading program.


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Preschool Reading – Standards and Curriculum

The journey towards reading proficiency involves multiple steps, each acting as a rung on the ladder to unlock a world of imagination and knowledge. At this early stage, “Horizon School Online” ensures that preschool children develop a fundamental understanding of reading skills, decoding, and phonics through a comprehensive and engaging preschool reading curriculum.

4 Steps to Teach Preschool Reading

  1. Vocabulary Development: The preschool reading program aids children in learning basic phonics features and the alphabet.
  2. Language Arts & Reading Comprehension: “Horizon School Online” presents language arts activities that offer opportunities for preschoolers to read simple two and three-letter words.
  3. Literary Response: The program thrives on guided reading, tailored to the preschool level, with vibrant pictures to aid in visualizing stories.
  4. Writing Applications and Reading Strategy: Preschoolers are encouraged to showcase their work through hands-on activities, promoting writing confidence and fine motor skills.

Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary development is a pivotal component in the path to reading. Preschoolers progress from identifying and drawing shapes to recognizing and naming both uppercase and lowercase letters. The curriculum at “Horizon School Online” ensures that children understand the building blocks of words and sentences, relating them to the world around them.

Phonics Building Blocks

Phonics is a vital building block, enabling children to decode words and develop reading skills. Through phonological and phonemic awareness activities, preschoolers at “Horizon School Online” learn letter sounds, rhyming, and distinguishing similar sounds, progressively building pre-reading skills before advancing to phonics and reading comprehension.

Language Arts & Reading Comprehension

Guided reading, interactive worksheets, language arts games, and creative methods make “Horizon School Online’s” preschool reading program enjoyable for young learners. Activities focus on reading simple two and three-letter words, providing opportunities for practical application in everyday life.

Literary Response

Preschoolers at “Horizon School Online” explore colorful picture books with simple storylines, easy sentences, vibrant pictures, and various themes, fostering a love for reading through repetition and engagement.

Writing Applications & Reading Strategy

Opportunities for hands-on activities abound in “Horizon School Online’s” preschool reading program. Children learn to hold writing instruments, gain confidence through artistic expression, and practice pre-writing activities. Oral communication is emphasized, encouraging students to learn and recite rhymes, songs, and finger plays.

“Horizon School Online’s” preschool reading program is designed to meet the benchmarks for Kindergarten reading readiness.

Note: Reading standards are defined by each state. “Horizon School Online” bases its use of reading standards on national recommendations and interpretations by select states, including Florida, Texas, and California.

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024