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High School US Government Curriculum at Horizon Online School


Embark on a journey through the foundations and principles of the United States government with Horizon Online School’s High School US Government Curriculum. This one-semester course, offered as part of our comprehensive social studies program, provides students with a practical understanding of the principles and procedures that shape the nation. Delve into the Constitution, civil rights and liberties, government institutions, civic participation, public policy, and more. Explore what is taught in this curriculum, the objectives for high schoolers, why Horizon Online School is the ideal choice, and additional 12th-grade homeschool resources.

What Is Taught in a High School US Government Course?

Horizon Online School’s US Government course aids students in establishing a solid understanding of the origins and founding principles of American government. Key topics include a detailed examination of the Constitution and its Amendments, the development of civil rights and liberties, significant Supreme Court decisions, the current functions of government, and the role of citizens in the civic process. The curriculum not only imparts essential knowledge but also hones writing skills through various assignments, including informative and argumentative essays.

Units of Study

  1. Introduction to American Government
  2. The Constitution
  3. Civil Rights and Liberties
  4. Government Institutions
  5. Civics and Participation
  6. Public Policy

US Government Curriculum Objectives for High Schoolers

The curriculum’s objectives aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to be competent citizens actively participating in the political processes of the nation. Key goals include:

  1. Investigate founding principles guiding the establishment of the U.S. government.
  2. Analyze civil rights, liberties, and the influence of constitutional amendments and Supreme Court decisions.
  3. Understand structures and procedures of local, state, and federal governments.
  4. Explore ways to participate in government, including voting, running for office, meeting civic obligations, and petitioning representatives.
  5. Develop critical thinking, evidence weighing, decision-making, and political participation skills.
  6. Enhance reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  7. Engage in routine writing in response to texts, concepts, and scenarios.
  8. Utilize research skills to access, interpret, and apply information.

Why Choose Horizon Online School’s US Government Curriculum for High School?

Choose Horizon Online School for the following reasons:

As a Full Curriculum

  1. National Civics Standards: Aligned with national civics standards.
  2. Real-Life Sources: Incorporates real-life sources such as political cartoons, essays, and judicial opinions for comprehensive study.
  3. Automated Grading: Simplifies grading and recordkeeping for accurate homeschool transcripts.
  4. Inclusive Subscription: All lesson plans, materials, and assessments included with the subscription, with nothing additional to purchase.
  5. Curriculum Planners: Helps students plan for the year and work independently.
  6. Flexibility: Students can start anytime and progress at their own pace.
  7. Accessibility: Video lessons with closed-captioning to support various learning abilities.

As a Supplement

  1. Flexible Access: 24/7 access allows students to log in anytime, even after school or on weekends.
  2. Customizable Lessons: Members can choose specific topics and lessons according to their high schooler’s needs.
  3. Repeat Lessons: Students can revisit lessons for better understanding and retake tests and quizzes.
  4. Online Format: Eliminates the need for travel to tutors or learning centers.
  5. No Contracts: Members can use the curriculum as long as needed and cancel anytime.
  6. Multimodal Learning: Direct-instruction videos, independent practice, appealing visuals, and both written and spoken materials cater to different learning styles.

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The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024