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High School Electives at Horizon Online School


Discover the diverse world of high school electives at Horizon Online School, where students have the opportunity to explore specific areas of interest outside the core curriculum. High school electives play a crucial role in helping students discover their passions, gain a well-rounded education, and tailor their homeschool experience to their individual needs. Explore the significance of electives in high school, understand how to choose the right ones, and peruse the list of engaging electives offered by Horizon Online School.

Why Are Electives Important in High School?

High school electives, whether in band, yearbook, or computer science, shape individuals and contribute to personal growth. These courses offer a glimpse into new interests, provide a well-rounded education, and prepare students for future careers. The significance of high school electives lies in:

  • Exploring new interests and abilities
  • Blending arts, life skills, and vocational studies with core courses
  • Preparing for individual college course requirements
  • Personalizing overall education
  • Gaining insights into potential future career paths

How Many Electives Can You Take in High School?

The number of elective classes in high school is flexible, with homeschool families having the freedom to explore any number of interests, skills, and career paths through elective studies. While most colleges expect between 5-7 elective credits during high school, homeschoolers are not limited by these averages.

How to Choose High School Electives

Choosing high school electives involves considering future careers, improving life skills, pursuing self-improvement goals, and investigating personal interests. College aspirations may influence elective choices, but individual preferences and goals should also guide decisions.

List of Electives for Homeschoolers at Horizon Online School

Horizon Online School offers a range of engaging online high school electives, providing students the opportunity to explore new subjects or delve deeper into familiar ones. The list of electives includes:

  1. Environmental Science
  2. Sociology
  3. Intro to Communications and Speech
  4. Art History I
  5. Psychology
  6. Concepts in Probability and Statistics
  7. Intro to Art
  8. Computer Applications – Office 2019
  9. Contemporary Health
  10. Foundations of Personal Wellness
  11. Lifetime Fitness
  12. Strategies for Academic Success
  13. Healthy Living
  14. Economics
  15. Personal Finance

In addition to these electives, high school students can access middle school electives such as MS Computer Science, Online Learning and Digital Citizenship. Horizon Online School also offers foreign language courses, providing students with a choice of 10 languages, including French, Japanese, Spanish, and German.

Why Choose Horizon Online School’s Homeschool Electives?

Horizon Online School’s high school electives offer a rich learning experience with engaging lessons, instructional videos, virtual labs, and more. Thousands of homeschooling families choose Horizon Online School for their high school electives for several reasons:

  1. Engaging Content: Lessons make learning fun, incorporating various tools to support different learning styles.
  2. Parental Support: Detailed lesson plans, learning tools, and 24/7 access aid parents in supporting their child’s learning journey.
  3. Flexibility: Different learning styles are supported, and 24/7 access allows students to learn on their own schedule.
  4. Organization: Activity planners and curriculum calculators help students work independently and stay organized.
  5. Automated Grading: Grading and recordkeeping are automated, saving parents time.
  6. Adaptability: Courses are designed to work well with different homeschooling styles and support students with special needs.

Explore the diverse world of high school electives at Horizon Online School, where engaging content, flexibility, and robust parental support converge to create an optimal learning environment for high school students.

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