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Ensure a Smooth Mid-Year Transition With This Guide
This ebook will guide new homeschooling parents through the steps of transitioning a student from a traditional school into homeschooling mid-year. Experienced homeschoolers will also find this guide helpful when thinking about switching curriculum during the middle of the year.

You’ll learn:

  • Why many parents decide to withdraw their children from public schools
  • Why many are turning to homeschooling as their preferred educational solution
  • How to start the homeschool transitioning process when it’s in the middle of the school year
  • How to explore and choose among so many curriculum options
  • How to organize your child’s learning space, set up a schedule, plan and set goals
  • How to compare curricula and switch from one curriculum to another without frustration
  • Adjusting the way you teach and improving your homeschool schedule
  • And more!

The live classroom sessions are scheduled to commence in the first week of September 2024